Why does Santa carry a Candy Cane Striped Cane?

Way up north in Santa's Workshop in the North Pole, Santa has a big year around job of checking on all the little boys and girls of the world to see if they are naughty or nice. As Santa has Elves to help make the toys and get his sleigh ready on the big night, he also has helpers around the world to help make that list of who is naughty and nice.

So during the year when you are just doing everyday stuff, you might see someone who looks like Santa. Now days he will be carrying a cane that is striped to look like a Candy Cane. In the old days these Santa helpers would write down your name and address. But Santa has adapted to these high tech times, Santa now has these new high tech canes, but he disguises them to look like an old time candy cane. As the helpers go around looking for good little boys and girls, when they find one, he lets the child touch the cane. The child's name and address is then automatically added to the "nice" list in Santa's computer.

So children, remember you must be good every day all year long and when you least expect it, that Jolly Old Man, with the long white beard and hair will come around the corner, smile at you, and let you touch his cane.


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